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  • Declaration, Covenants & Restrictions

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  • Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

    The Architectural Review Committee shall consist of not less than three and not more than seven members designated by the Board of Directors to serve a two-year term.  The committee shall approve all proposed exterior additions, deletions or variations to existing structures within Wind Meadows.  Each lot owner, or resident, will submit a proposal using the ARC request form which can be found on the homepage quick link.  No construction shall commence until approval of the committee is received.  Proposals will contain a diagram and description of the project.  Photographs or sketches of similar completed projects will aid in the consideration. All applicant shall be informed, in writing of the action taken by the committee.  Approval of any project does not waive the necessity of obtaining any required permits from the Village of Wind Point.  Failure to abide by the policy of the ARC committee may result in removal/reversal of the project and fines. There is a one year completion date for the approved project. If the project is not completed within one year a new change application will need to be submitted.


  • Wind Meadows is comprised of 8 different Parcel Service Areas (PSA’s) consisting of Patio Homes, Manor Homes, Single Family Homes, Garden Homes, Village Homes and Prairie Meadow Homes.  Each PSA has its own Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Condition, Covenants, Restrictions, Policies, and Procedures.  Each PSA also has its own budget and financial responsibilities.  Each PSA has a Director (s), depending on the PSA size.  All residents are eligible and encouraged, to serve on the WMC Board of Directors, to participate in advisory elections, to serve on the PSA committee representing your homeowner group and various other committees.  Please see Directors and Officers under the "contact" tab for your PSA Director.


Guidelines, Rules, & Reg
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